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WORLD IPv6 LAUNCH | 06.06.2012

Today it's the kick-off date for World IPv6 Launch Day where many major ISPs, home networking equipment manufacturers, and web companies around the world are coming together to join the cause. We've heard about IPv6 for years while it's being standardized. It's not just the beginning anymore; the standard documents are huge, the major OS are native IPv6-enabled, the networking equipment is IPv6-capable, the major companies around the globe are enabling it, universities all around the world are having their own IPv6 experiments, thousands of paper about IPv6 research have been published every year, so on and so forth.

Blogger's Old Interface Ends, Miss It!

Just revisited the blogger's dashboard a moment ago and I saw the above announcement. It's been quite awhile to write a post, so I'm not sure when the announcement was made but it just means blogger permanently puts an end to the old interface soon. Honestly, I miss the old one :( but let's just welcome the new one and hopefully it's more controllable and neat to use. ;)

Day 3: Personal Training @ the Gym

Finally got to the new room!!! ;)

I'm moving... Just got to the new room yesterday (March 03, 2012)! As per contract, it's time to review the yearly-basis contract for my room. Since my previous room is for two people and my friend has already gone back to Cambodia, I need to find a cheaper single room to live. Finding a new room is not easy here for two reasons. One reason is itself related to my time; I don't have much time to search for the new house. Second reason has something to do with the "deposit", called "보증금" in Korean, which is really crazy here in Korea. The deposit I have to pay for my previous room is 1,000,000 Won (about 1,000 USD) which is relatively cheaper than that of any other houses which ranges from 2,000,000 Won (about 2,000 USD) to 5,000,000 Won (about 5,000 USD); therefore, to find such an affordable house is not that easy.

Graduation 2012

New record added... February 22, 2012 is another awesome day of mine. It is the honorable day which I deserve for my achievement during these exactly 2 years. It is the breakthrough I should remember since I now know that I finally step on another level of life. The degree I hold in hand is entitled "Master of Science in Computer & Information Communication Engineering". Whatever the title it says, I know how much I obtained and how much more I have to acquire from tomorrow.